The concept

Pottery is fun: developing ideas, shaping clay, glazing with fantastic colours... but what can you do if you don’t (yet) have your own kiln?

Here at BOTZ, we thought that there are several kilns which are not fully used and companies which offer firing services. You only need to know where. So it occurred to us that we could facilitate the contact by creating the “” website in order to publish the addresses of dealers who fire for you.

IMPORTANT: it is also possible that something may go wrong during firing, several different factors determine the firing result. Therefore, we herewith expressly clarify that we at BOTZ naturally cannot assume any responsibility that firing is successful and only pass on the information regarding firing options.

However, firing normally works fine if the following is observed:

  • Be sure to know which clay is you used for which temperature
  • Do not work items thicker than 3cm
  • Let the clay dry well before biscuit firing
  • Ideal biscuit firing temperature 950°C (sometimes it is better over 1000°C, especially for brush-on-glazes, please check with the firing service)
  • Apply the glaze best to the biscuit fired clay
  • Make sure that you observe whether the glaze tends to run and pass on the information (corresponding pictograms can be found in the current BOTZ catalogue or on our homepage
  • Know and inform the firing service the firing temperature for the glaze including the recommended waiting period
  • For stoneware: do not glaze all over
  • Mark the objects with your name or an abbreviation perhaps

And if you always have more and more to fire, you could possibly consider purchasing your own kiln*, the specialised dealers would be happy to provide advice here!

Enjoy your pottery!

 *Information about kilns: